Transform Your Mind, Body, Heart & Soul with the Enneagram!

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Helen Palmer
Bestselling Author, Fellow of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Co-founder of the Enneagram Professional Training Program
Russ Hudson
President of the Enneagram Institute
Cheryl Richardson
Master Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation
Kathlyn Hendricks
PhD., Registered Dance-Movement Therapist, Co-founder of the Body Intelligence Summit
David Daniels, M.D.
Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science at Stanford University
Robert Holden
Founder of the Happiness Project. Director of Success Intelligence Ltd. Creator of the Loveability Program
A. H. Almaas (Hameed Ali)
Creator of the Diamond Approach to Self Realization, Author, Founder of the Ridhwan School
Catherine Bell
Founder, Awakened Company
Deborah Ooten
Founder of Conscious Dynamics LLC, Founder/Director of Conscious Living Center Consciousness in Action
Mario Sikora
Executive Coach and president of Awareness to Action International
Marion Gilbert
Registered Physical Therapist, President of Spring Hill Physical Therapy and Stillpoint Studios
Jerome Wagner
Director of Enneagram Spectrum Training and Certification Program
Andrea Isaacs
Creator of EnneaMotion and Somatic Focusing; CEO of EQ with Body Wisdom
Susan Olesek
Founder of Enneagram Prison Project | Human Potentialist, Consultant
Victor Soto
Enneagram Prison Project Ambassador
Alex Senegal
Enneagram Prison Project Ambassador
James Flaherty
Founder of New Ventures West and Integral Coaching
Michael Naylor
M.Ed, CCS, LADC, CPCC, Faculty of the Enneagram Institute, IEA Professional Teacher
John Luckovich
Breathworker, Enneagram Teacher, Painter
Katherine Chernick Fauvre
Co-founder of Enneagram Explorations, Fauvre Research, Founder of Katherine Fauvre Consulting
Lynda Roberts
IEA President; Enneagram Institute Faculty; IEA Accredited Professional
Tom Condon
Director of the Changeworks in Bend, Oregon; adjunct faculty of Antioch University and the UC Berkeley.
Beatrice Chestnut
Psychotherapist, Coach, Business Consultant
Gayle Scott
Cynthia Bourgeault
The Reverend Doctor
Hosted by:
Jessica Dibb
Founder, Inspiration Consciousness School & Community

What if you had a roadmap — a soul-map — for understanding who you are and finding compassion for those around you? A time-tested system that integrates your whole being and can be applied to every area of your life?

And what if this map could connect you to your innate wisdom, resulting in truly authentic relationships and a deep sense of living “on purpose”?

Will you discover this new map in a spiritual practice?

With a therapist?

In a personality typing system?


This map is the Enneagram, a powerful personality typing system used by individuals, therapists, spiritual teachers and professionals across the globe.

The 9-point Enneagram symbol represents nine unique types, or energies, each with specific traits, behavioral patterns and tendencies — and each with unique gifts.

Rooted in multiple wisdom traditions, the Enneagram has inspired transformation of the body, mind, heart and soul for hundreds of years.

It is both a gateway to your inner wisdom and a source of illumination for those “stubborn patterns” that undermine your ability to access wholeness, true intimacy and fulfillment of your life’s purpose.

Working with the Enneagram sheds light on the fears, desires and motivations that fuel your world view and behavioral patterns — often unconsciously.

With The Enneagram Global Summit series, you’ll discover the insights and practices you need to break free from unhealthy patterns, reconnect with your true Self and realize your highest potential.

Register to get the free recordings listed above and be notified of our next live event — where you’ll discover ways to apply this profound tool to dramatically improve your relationships and empower you to make your unique contributions to the world.

A New Way to Relate to Yourself, Others & the World

The Enneagram is much more than a simple personality test...

It’s a comprehensive system representing nine distinct strategies for relating to yourself, others and the world — a time-tested holistic approach to emotional, mental and spiritual development.

The Enneagram complements many other methodologies — whether you’re using it as a therapeutic professional, healing practitioner or coach, or applying the wisdom harvested from the Enneagram for greater self-awareness.

When we understand it in depth, the Enneagram reveals the inherent strengths and gifts that each type can bring to the world. And it not only shows us nine ways we leave presence — ways we forget who we really are — it also illuminates nine pathways back to our essential nature.

The Enneagram helps us see new ways to combine our diverse talents and particular forms of genius and to see a bigger unity. Never has the wisdom of the Enneagram been so needed to promote personal and planetary wellbeing and create a compassionate world that truly works for all.

Not only has the Enneagram stood the test of time, it’s an expanding field of innovation and creativity, constantly inspiring new processes and practices for consciousness in spirituality, business, education, health care, cultivating relationships, psychology, coaching, parenting, sexuality, healing our bodies and more.

Join the Enneagram Global Summit series to discover the latest insights and applications to integrate into your own personal growth journey and to take your Enneagram knowledge deeper.

Discover YOUR Blueprint

When newcomers to the Enneagram first identify their basic type, they often describe the experience as a spiritual awakening, or akin to discovering a blueprint of their souls.

Over time, people come to know and understand the particular habits, fixations and gifts of all nine types, inspiring deep compassion for themselves, loved ones, friends and coworkers.

If you’re new to this powerful system, the Enneagram Global Summit series guides you to the best tests and practices for determining your individual type — including ways to differentiate between look-alike types. You start working with the core patterns of your type and begin to connect with the parts of yourself that respond to life spontaneously and creatively.

If you’re already well-versed in the Enneagram, there are many insights here for you, too, and opportunities to take your work with the Enneagram deeper.

No matter what your experience level, the Enneagram Global Summit series provides you with the best insights and practical applications to further your personal and professional growth and improve your relationships.

If you want a greater connection with your unique gifts, as well as more self-acceptance, self-love and compassion for others, this series is for you.

Here’s some of what our brilliant speakers


Cheryl Richardson guides you in practical, playful and creative ways to bring more security, connection and aliveness to your everyday life!


Helen Palmer reveals an exciting method by which we can learn to relax our automatic patterns and, thereby, cultivate the power of choice in our lives.


Russ Hudson shares practices for deepen your inner development and applying powerful insights from your “work” with the Enneagram.


Robert Holden explores joy as the doorway to love, enlightenment and creating a world that we all desire, “Happiness needs no reason to exist.”


David Daniels opens up a fascinating dialogue on how intimate and sexual experiences can open you to the spiritual qualities in each Enneagram type.


Hameed Ali highlights the human desire to experience our true nature and shows how the Enneagram provides a path toward embracing the multifaceted nature of everything.

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The Enneagram: Unity in Diversity

There are several major wisdom schools in the Enneagram field — each with unique insights, applications and contributions, yet united in their desire to bring greater consciousness and compassion to the world through this amazing tool.

In this unique series, we bring together the TOP experts and Enneagram schools sharing on the latest research, cutting-edge theories and practical applications of this life-changing system.

During this unparalleled series, you’ll discover:

  • How to open to the deepest truths of your soul
  • Ways to connect to your true nature
  • Practices for experiencing inner freedom
  • The fears & desires that motivate you — and others
  • How to dismantle your harmful & self-sabotaging patterns
  • Deeper relationships with your family, friends, co-workers & community
  • Essential skills to effectively help others help themselves
  • Ways to tap into new inspiration & cultivate your creativity
  • A profound sense of belonging & interconnectedness
  • Greater self-acceptance, self-love & compassion for others
  • Your unique gifts, so that you can share them with the world
  • How to live with less rigidity and more grace, ease & flow

Register for FREE to get your recordings and be notified of the next live gathering, where you’ll come away deeply transformed — not into someone different, but into a deeper, more connected, more compassionate and liberated version of your true self.

Join us to take your path of growth to the next level and to deepen into a more authentic, creative relationship with yourself, others and the world.


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